Sunday, August 17, 2014

Alaska's Last Adventure

Yesterday Captain Shane took out fishing his best group yet :)

It was Eli's first time fishing out on the boat and he did great! He helped fish, played in the cabin and looked at the boats and fish and whales. 

 Eli caught a teeny halibut on the first drop of the day!  Then he caught this silver from start to finish!  He was helping me drop the line down, reel up, and when we caught the fish helped me reel in the fish.  I was so proud!

 Bryan was out fishing with guests, so we got to wave at him as he drove by.  I think it made both Eli's and Bryan's day!

This little guy had a blast out on the water.  I loved seeing him get so excited about things his daddy and papa love too. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bit More of the Beach

We leave next week to head home so we are trying to enjoy every low tide we can exploring along the beach. Eli is going to miss this place! 

These starfish were naturally grouped together. Pretty cool to see! 

"A twab!!"  This boy loves holding crabs. Today he kept saying "a blue twab?" I love the excitement he has for life and the joy he finds in simple things. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Puddle Jumping

What do you do after 5 days of pouring down rain? Puddle jump! 

Mini Fisherman

(Thanks Mom for the reminder to update my blog!)

Everyday Eli says "boat, fish, dock, water, daddy, pole."  In real English that means, "daddy I want to use my fishing pole and go down to the dock and fish in the water."  Haha. So needless to say we've been down to the dock a lot! 

He couldn't wait to go so he climbed in the boat and pretended. So this boat has a story in itself. Ready? Ok-

When Bryan was about 8 years old he bought this boat with a lot of saved money. He loved this boat! Eventually he upgraded to a bigger skiff and sold this one. Several years later Bryan's mom regretted selling it and bought it back to put in her yard! It doesn't float but now proudly holds the names of all the grand kids.