Friday, April 24, 2015

Rice Chex Carmel Cookie

I found this recipe online last night but didn't have any butterscotch chips so I tweaked the recipe to make due without. And they were amazing!

I cut the original recipe in half and it still made a pan of cookies:

Place  3 cups rice chex in a bowl. Set aside. In microwave safe bowl add 1/2 c corn syrup, 1/4 c brown sugar and 1/4 c white sugar. Heat for 30 seconds at a time until almost boiling (1 1/2-2 min)

Add in 3/4 c peanut butter into syrup and sugar. Pour over cereal. Using spoon, scoop lumps onto wax paper or greased foil on a cookie sheet. 

Drizzle with melted chocolate if desired. Let cool or refrigerate. Enjoy! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Baby Girl,

My sweet baby girl,

We have waited a long time to welcome you to our family. The first three months after finding out I was pregnant with you creeped by so slowly. I was so afraid something would go wrong or I would lose you. Each time I heard your heartbeat or saw your tiny heart beating on the screen I was filled with peace. 

From the time I became pregnant I thought you were a girl. Everytime I imagined you I saw a sweet calm daughter. I was not suprised in the slightest when we found out for sure you were going to be our first daughter! 

Your big brother kept asking to see your sweet face and see your lips and mouth moving. He thought you were talking to him. I can hardly wait to see your friendship grow over the years. He will be so kind and gentle to you. And protective in keeping you safe. 

Your daddy and I love you so so much already and look forward to the day we can snuggle you in our arms and kiss your sweet cheeks. Please know you are loved more than you'll ever understand. 

My Weekend Helper

We had a fun weekend of doing nothing specific. We enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather and made some yummy treats! 

I organized the pantry and my helper rearranged the cereal. Yes...we like cereal over here!

Potty break while reading The Saturday paper. 

Please tell me you all did this as kids before thanksgiving dinner (or anytime you had olives!) Mom, notice his new best friends- the Potato heads?

Little afternoon car washing. I think that hose went a little rouge on him! He struggled to keep control of it. 

And my favorite kitchen helper making peach crisp. 

Snow Again

I forgot to post about our mid April snow day!

 It snowed all morning a week or so ago and we ended up with 3". It had melted by the afternoon so luckily Eli and I took advantage of the snow and played for a bit! 

And 2 days later we were at a track meet in 70 degree weather. Love it!! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Fact Friday

1. This little boy has an amazing memory. We went bowling last week and as we were driving he reminded us how we throw the bowling ball and he pushes it down the slide. Haha. It was pretty cute. He loved it. 
2.his sayings are pretty hilarious. 
If he is crying over something silly and we tell him to stop he says "no mom. More crying!"  
Last week he saw a woman and said "her have big bum. Me have wittle bum". Classic. 
He's also very excited about what happens in the bathroom if he goes with one of us. Let's just say there is a lot of cheering if we go potty. Hahahaha
3. I started working on a little embroidery. I like that it's a relaxing quiet activity I can do while we're quiet waiting for Eli to fall asleep. It's a peaceful time to just sit and sew something pretty. Here is the work in progress of my first mini project. 
4. Eli loves to climb in my zip up jacket so he can be a kangaroo. And I love the cuddles :)

5. We are going to North Carolina in 2 weeks for my brothers graduation from the Army's Special Forces. It's a huge accomplishment for him and I'm so excited to be there with our entire family! A trip to some warmer weathered climate meant an excuse to buy a couple new
Shirts. And a fun hat for the beach! Bring on the sun!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break

Bryan had his spring break Monday-Wednesday this week. I took that as an excuse to cook as little as possible! It was a fun and relaxing few days. The weather didn't cooperate so we didn't get to do too many outside things but it was still a fun week. 

We started the break off by having brunch at our favorite little diner then a morning of some sale shopping! 

He was copying Bryan saying he's full! 

Eli had been asking to go bowling all week so we went on Wednesday. He loves it! He also scored way better than me! 
He's showing how many pins he knocked over. 

Then after lunch at my favorite Tai food resturant we went fishing. This was probably the highlight of both Eli and Bryan's break! Bryan caught 4 fish and Eli was just loving carrying around stick 'fishing poles'. It was pretty cold but I just love being outside with my family. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

5 Fact Friday

(I wrote this on Friday but it didn't post. Oops!)

1. This little boy loves crafts. We do one almost everyday. This week was plastic egg bunnys. He has carried them around the house all week!'s been a picnic kind of week. Eli knows right where the picnic blanket is and always requests pink "wemonade". 

3. Thank heavens for running water! This boy is constantly getting filthy and constantly needing a bath. He LOVES to play outside, get muddy, and explore everything "boy" outside. Rocks, worms, spiders, leaves, you name it. And I love it. 

4. I had the worlds best squirt gun fight with this little guy. We played outside all afternoon just laughing and chasing. Sometimes he would come up to me and say "mom. Minute. Minute mom" then he would come give me a sweet hug around my leg and look up at me with those sweet blue eyes then start squirting me!!! A fun little memory I never want to forget. 

Despite the picture potty training is going great! Eli decided he was ready to use his "frog potty" all on his own. We let him decide the timing and for about 2 weeks he was 75% dry and asking to go potty. Then he just quit and decided to use his diaper. I felt like I missed the boat! So this week we jumped into real potty training. He is wearing pull ups and only wets them 1-2 times a day. And the last 2 days in a row a "special toy" from the dollar store stash I have in my closet has been the best bribe for doing his other business on the potty. He's doing awesome and has adapted so well to using public bathrooms and the nursery bathroom. I'm so proud of him! 

Easter 2015

We had a great Easter Saturday with Bryan's brother and family.  We dyed eggs, had an egg hunt, and had a super yummy dinner.  There was lots of playing in between and Eli couldn't have been happier!

(He's watching Macy trying to figure out what on earth you do with the wire egg holder)

That is the prettiest batch of eggs I've seen!

 The group getting ready for the egg hunt!

 The boys got a head start

 This was Eli's reaction when he thought they were all gone.  "All don"

 I couldn't get these busy guys to get a picture together.  But they were dang cute!

 The ONLY picture I have of him looking at the camera!
 Uncle Steve helping him reach one up high
 Time to empty out the eggs.  Eli dumped all his goodies into Tess' basket.  Neither seemed to mind

 Most of the afternoon was spent outside playing.  I love all their squats as they dig!

 These two!!
Eli's face says it all.  A great day with great food!