Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Carnival and Trunk or Treat!

Eli had quite the time squishing the seeds and guts while we carved. I think he managed to eat a few seeds too....

Our ward had a little carnival with bowling and a bean bag toss. We never lost him in the gym from his cow bell jingling all night :)

Eli got the hang of trunk or treating and chose a sucker every time he could! 

Then tonight we do a little trick or treating. Eli caught on fast and liked to pick out his own candy. (It was always a sucker when possible). What a fun night 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Fact Friday

1. I finished the Christmas cardigan sweater for my shop! ( and I love it more than I thought I would!! I can't wait for Eli to get to wear it all season! 

2. Bryan and I are trying to be a bit healthier but I wanted a treat. So I made up a recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins. (GF). Yum! 
3. Eli decided to be a Jenga champ this week with his new found block stacking skills! 

4. One of my best friends Denise came over for the day! We took Eli swimming and he played with Denise the whole time. He didn't even want me ;) 
( he was so happy but we decided to come in when he started to shiver) 
We chatted all day and just enjoyed our friendship. She inspires me so much! Every time I'm with her I want to be a better person!!

5. I have to go to Carter's a lot for my shop and Eli LOVES to play with the blocks in the store ;)

Well that sums up our week!! Have a good weekend! 

My little punkin'

Eli loves anything outside so of course he loved the pumpkin patch! It was dang cold though! 

He picked out his own pumpkin and loaded it in the wheel barrow by himself. 

Then we stopped to heck out the animals. He's not afraid to pet them which I'm happy about! I'm glad tht he's so willing to try new things. 

He loved feeding Mr. Sheep

Time to carve pumpkins now!! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 Fact (Saturday?)

1.I added a few things to our bedroom! I still need to see the pillows but here is my little vision 

2. I have a vision for some Christmas pillows in the living room. (Yes I'm already getting ready for Christmas!) here is one fabric: 
3. Eli makes the worlds cutest cow. And this is what Bryan's face would look like if we had twins ;) 

4. We went to the last high school game Herriman High School had. Eli did so great! 

5. I also made a couple outfits for Eli this winter! 

Gluten Free?

Hi friends! I have been cooking gluten free recipes for about 10 months now and I'm finally getting some good recipes in my recipe box and baked things are finally turning out edible! 

Do you of you eat gluten free? I would
Love to share my recipes on here but I don't know of anyone who is besides my mom. Let me know and I'll post new recipes when I come across them! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Annual Hunting Trip

Last year Bryan and I went to south eastern Utah for a brotherly hunting trip. I stayed at the cabin and watched babies while the guys hunted. This year they had 3 tags instead of 1 so there was some major hunting going on! Eli and I had a fun time playing with cousins and enjoying being outside. Dang I forgot how much we missed the country! 
Eli relaxing with the guys
He chased poor Annie around all week. But I think they both loved it m
A very peaceful Place to spend the week 
Eli and the girls colored pumpkins. Eli mostly colored himself ;)
We also had some time to feed the horses. 

More Pumpkin painting! 

Think if Eli could Talk much he'd ask for a 4 wheeler for Christmas. He loved going for rides! 
This boy was not shy at all about feeding the horses. And little miss was not shy about going potty in the field ;)

Happy happy boy running down the lane, playing in the meadows, moo-ing at the cows in the field, feeding the horses, 4 wheeler rides, oh boy. We've got a country boy!