Thursday, February 27, 2014

20 months!

This little man is well on his way to turning 2! Yikes! 

He now has all 4 molars- whew!
Hes babbling lots and working on more words. I think most of the time he speaks some type of Chinese ;)
He loves to say prayers before a meal, during, and pretty much anytime he's in his high chair. He's also very reverent during bedtime prayers. 
He hates nursery! No chance of him staying there!! 
Sitting on the potty is pretty much the coolest thing ever! (Even though he's never gone on it)
We've weaned him off the pacifier to only sleeping and it's gone really well!
He still really struggles with eating people food :(
He loves to give kisses
His personality is popping out so much more lately! And he already had a lot of

He insisted on wearing swim shorts, a beanie and a thermal today ;) 

We love him sooo much! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Park Day

While Bryan has ice fishing with Erik, his wife and I played at the park with our kiddos. 

This is the little one I babysit and they have so much fun together. And Ashley and I love getting to visit too. Turned out to be a perfect Saturday

Friday, February 21, 2014

Engagement Anniversary

5 years ago today Bryan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I would say yes a thousand more times! 

While he was at work I got 5 balloons and made hearts with the fun things that have happened each year since we've been engaged. It was a fun little suprise to show my love for him! 

I feel like when I read other peoples blogs I begin to wonder if everything in their life is as simple and put together as they make it seem.  Well mannered kids, beautiful home, homemade meals every night, and never forgetting family prayer or FHE. 

I hope my blog doesn't come across this way, and if it does I apologize. I am a normal mom who does not have it all together! I get very overwhelmed with the many tasks of the day and lately I have been trying to work hard on focusing on the few positive and productive things I do each day even if it's as simple as making the bed or organizing the fridge. 

I get in my ruts whether it be not wanting to cook, clean, or even read my scriptures.  I am grateful today for Eli going down for a nap so quietly so I could get out my scriptures, dust them off, and try to bring in the spirit into my home a little bit.  I have been feeling even with my best efforts of keeping our tiny apartment decorated, clean, and organized that it doesn't invite the spirit as much as I want it to. I want people to be able to walk into my home and feel the spirit, knowing this is a cozy, happy, spiritual home.  

To have that feeling more in my home I want more spiritual artwork on our walls.  I was looking at desert book online for some ideas and stumbled across this sweet picture. It instantly brought tears to me eyes and it reminded me of my sweet Eli.  

While Eli is only 20 months old, I think little ones at this young  age are still closer to our Heavenly Father than we give them credit for.  They have such an innocent and tender spirit. Eli knows when I am sad and wants to give me loves and kisses to cheer me up. 

 I want Eli to develop a relationship like this is with his savior. I want him to know that Jesus is there for him to hold his hand and walk with him when he is lonely.  To be in those beautiful peaceful moments with him and remind him where he came from and his true worth.  And how incredibly loved he is by his Heavenly Father and his family.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Real Date Night!

The last time Bryan and I went on a date was to see the Hunger Games movie. We really needed a night out. Our favorite babysitter came to the rescue! We went out to dinner at a new resturant, then enjoyed strolling through the outdoor mall window shopping and holding hands. It was a PERFECT evening. Not to mention it was 60 degrees. In Utah, at 7:00 at night. Crazy. And wonderfully perfect. 

It was just enough time to miss Eli and be ready to come home. This goes down in the books for one of the best dates, even a simple one like this. 

The best steak I have EVER tasted. 

Valentines Day

We had a sweet and simple Valentines day! I made Eli wear a bow tie for the occasion and we spent the day making treats for Bryan. 
While Bryan was at school Eli and I heart attacked his car. 
Then my little helper and I made gluten free donuts and cake pops :)

'Helper'--right ;)
Finished donuts and cake pops
His valentine gift was money for a gun he's been saving for. I folded the money into origami guns and hearts :)
Then we watched a high school basketball game that Bryan had students playing in. 

Happy love day from our little family to yours!