Monday, March 28, 2011

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden

Remember that primary song?

A gold star will be awarded to anyone who can tell me which prophet was the one to encourage us to plant a garden.  I just can't remember...

We spent our Family Home Evening night planting a garden.  We walked over to Home Depot and bought tomato starts, dirt (doesn't it seem silly that you actually have to buy dirt?), pots, and a watering can.  We decided to put all the little seeds and plants snuggled in their pots, so when it warms up we can take them straight outside.  For now they are all going to live in our living room.  

As you can tell we really don't know what we're doing, but we are enjoying trying, and we'll see if we actually grow anything!!

One long pot of beans, one of peas, and two tomato plants.  In the background you may notice a very retro (special) headboard.  Its a work in progress so a post will be coming soon!

Here they are, all tucked in soaking up some sun.  
Its march 28, but it snowed all day today, so they may be inside quite a while!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


sorry- i'll re-post those pictures that didn't come up. Hang tight!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh how I love Weekends!

Bryan and I had a GREAT weekend!  Friday night we were planning to go see Tangled at the cheap movie theater.  We got there 20 minutes early, but it was sold out!  Lame!  So we rented a movie from Red Box and used a promo code so it was free, and because we were at 7-11 we had to get slurpies :) So we had a pretty good date for $2.73.  But we still really want to see Tangled- we've heard good things about it.

Saturday we ran some errands and went to my favorite store... Ikea!! We bought a dresser and came home and put it together.  It made our house smell so good with the fresh wood smell!  And our apartment is looking so much better.  

Bryan teases me that when we compromise about something, it means I win.  haha.  I really wanted a dresser so we compromised and he got a gun cabinet too.  I told him it had to live in the closet because I didn't want it in the bedroom.  So we did some serious re-arranging and found it a home in the closet.  It will be nice to have when we have kids to stay safe, but for now he just likes to look at it, and dream what he will fill it with :)  

Later that night Jeremy and Stephanie came over and we grilled shish - ka bobs!  YUM!  we used orange and yellow peppers, onions, chicken, and pineapple and grilled it outside on the deck.  Sunday night Denise and Chad came over and we had pork loin, asparagus, rolls, and garlic mashed potatoes.  Denise brought dessert and this is her delicious recipe:

2 cans of drained peaches
1 box yellow cake mix
1 stick of butter  (or probably margarine)

pour peaches in pan.  Mix cake mix and melted butter.  Pour over peaches.  Cook for a while in the oven til its done and eat!! YUM!

Welcome to our Home!

Here is a little preview of our home!! I am always looking for that feeling when you walk in a house or apartment and it feels like home.  When we moved to Utah, it was hard to make this new place feel like home.  I think we're finally getting there. So Let me take you on a tiny tour.   
Dining Room: I love the metal stars on the right wall.  That was the first purchase for decorating this place. $3.00 each. Can't beat that!

Living Room: Bryan's sister Steph gave us the fluffy recliner, and a teacher Bryan works with gave us the glider.  Woohoo!

More Living Room: We made the wreath and pillows, repainted the coffee table, and purchased the print on the wall for half off! (that made it only 8$)

Bed Room: Still need to change the pictures above the bed, but Mom and I had fun making the curtains from Ikea fabric.

So along the other wall in our bedroom we had this.  Just a pile of random junk.  TV to donate or sell, plastic drawers of barthroom stuff, filing box, DI bag.  Now we have... this!
New dresser!!

I love that our little apartment is finally starting to look like a home!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a week!!  

I am very grateful for the plan of salvation.  I don't comprehend 'eternity' in the slightest, but I am so glad my family will be there to help me with it, and I will be able to develop better relationships with those that I love. I learned a lot this week, and I'm grateful for those experiences.  I organized some papers from college, and found  a letter from Granny she sent when I graduated.  It was very sweet.  I will miss those.  And this--

I also learned (no- I already knew this) Mom and I have a BLAST decorating and shopping :)  Pictures will come soon- promise. I just need to take them in the daylight because we don't have great lighting at night.  here are just a couple sneak peaks of additions to our little home.  It really is feeling more like a home though.  At last!!

ORGEL Table lamp natural Width: 6 " Height: 22 " Cord length: 6 ' 7 "  Width: 15 cm Height: 57 cm Cord length: 2.0 m  MAJKEN Fabric white, beige/green Width: 59 "  Width: 150 cm
Mom had to leave this morning, so now we're back to the usual routine.  Good and bad.  I miss mom like crazy, but it will be good to get back to our work schedule and the little things we forget to do when we travel, like floss, read scriptures together, and write in my journal).  My brain is worn out this week.  It needs a nap as much as I do.  But tomorrow we're going to the U of U gymnastics meet!  see you soon!