Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kids Fishing Day

Today we traveled over to Thorne Bay where they were having a kids fishing day!  It was a super fun activity put on my many programs on the island including the public library, Forest Service, and others.  They had different booths to earn small prizes, do crafts, and learn about fish. They even gave each child a free fishing pole and tackle bag!

 Eli got to do a "fish print shirt".  He painted a rubber mold of a fish 
and stamped it on a shirt.  He can't wait to wear it!

 He also was able to meet Sammy the Salmon and Smokey the Bear.  He was NOT so sure about them at first, but couldn't stop talking about them on the way home!

Eli meet cotton candy.  He wanted to hold the stick but refused to try it.  He thought it was absolutely hilarious to hold the cotton candy like a beard but wouldn't taste it.  So funny the things he loves to eat (pickles, tomatoes, olives, spinach... but not candy or cupcakes) :)
 Then we headed to the creek to do a bit of fishing!

 About two minutes into fishing, this was the view.  Shane and Bryan fishing on their rare day off.  With kiddie poles :)  Eli was exploring and finding frogs!

Caught one! He kept releasing and catching the same frog and was just as excited as the first time!

Okay please no harsh judgements on my 36 week belly!

Saturday, August 8, 2015


This weekend we went to the town of Kasaan and explored the native totem poles and other super old native landmarks.  It was just a great day to be out with family and out in nature!

Papa Shane and Eli

 Eli was like a bear cub getting fed lots of huckleberries

We found a very old cemetery with people born in the mid 1800's! 

This cracks me up- the boulder was too large to remove, so they built the road around it.

Beautiful ending to a beautiful day

Sandy Beach

Patty, Eli and I went on an adventure to Thorne Bay to Sandy Beach.  We went on a low tide and were able to explore lots of different sea creatures, shells, and find dozens of sand dollars!

Eli did amazing all day.  He tromped through the water happy as could be, played in the sand (and got filthy of course) and slept the whole way home.  Couldn't ask for a better day!

I love him looking into his reflection 

Beach Days

We had some beautiful weather the beginning of July so Eli and I headed to the beach in town.  We didn't get enough in one day so we went back the next day!