Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Angel

I'm not sure how to write this post but I feel like I need to. 

Several months ago I told a dear friend that I felt like someday I would have a miscarriage. This thought would occasional enter my mind and I didn't know if the reason was to prepare me to have more sympathy for a friend who may struggle with this, or for myself personally. I had spent time thinking about those hard questions. "Will I see my baby again?", "was it my fault?", "what went wrong?", and felt that I had answers already. 

And now I have learned that Heavenly Father was preparing me for my own miscarriage. While this has been a very sad thing to experience I have been overwhelmed by blessings and comfort through this time. 

Fortunately, or Unfortunatly this miscarriage happened before I made our pregnancy "public". Family and close friends knew, but not everyone. This almost made it harder when we lost baby because I had been SO excited to share our news, it was heartbreaking to lose the baby and then....what? Just pretend I was never pregnant? It helped me immensely to talk about it and let people know I was pregnant, with a sweet special spirit.  I just needed validation that I was pregnant, although only for a very short time.  12 weeks to be exact.

A week and a half after my miscarriage I really feel good.  Physically and emotionally.  I miss this baby like that sinking feeling you get in your gut when you are homesick.  The feeling when your throat tightens up and you want to cry.  But each day is getting easier, and I am seeing more and more tender mercies and sweet blessings come from this experience.  

I feel confident that Heavenly Father will bless us with more little ones to raise, but until then I need patience and faith.  

Although Eli didn't know what this shirt said, he kept asking to wear it. 

Our little one at 8 weeks 

Rainbows and Sunsets

We haven't seen better rainstorms anywhere but Idaho. We have loved watching them since we moved back. Eli loves it too :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

This is Idaho

This is what we came back for. S'mores. Fires. Camp chairs. River. Perfect family night. 

And did I mention chocolate? 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Idaho State Fair

We love going to the fair! It's so fun to wander around, have some ice cream, and pet the animals. 

 Eli was in heaven looking at the cows, talking with the horses, and petting the goats.  One goat even started to nibble on his stroller and Eli said "No bite!"  haha.  

 "Eat.  Hay"  Eli was thinking these poor goats were starving ;)

 "hiiiiiii Goat"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Doug and Laura Mills

My brother got married the end of August to the most incredible gal!  They are such a perfect match and I feel so blessed to have gained a wonderful sister!

The wedding was flawless- no stress, not crazy family drama, just a fun relaxed wedding!

This was after the ring ceremony that they did just before the reception

Soaking up Summer

By the time we moved in and got the apartment organized, we only had about a week to enjoy the splash park before it closed for the fall.  Eli and I really enjoyed spending time together on the carousel, splash park, and going to Rigby Lake.
 This was our first time at Rigby Lake and Eli had a blast!!

 We went to the splash park several times that week.  Eli loves the little water fountains and has such a happy little squeal when he plays in them!

 I can't help but to laugh out loud when I watch this video.  He didn't even cry when it went up his nose and all over his face ;)

 He saw that the carousel was open and begged to have a ride.  He was soo proud to hand his dollar to the worker so he could ride the "horsies"

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We made it!

In a whirlwind of flying and driving we made it from Craig Alaska, to utah, to Idaho in just a couple days. We are now settled into our apartment and are all really enjoying our new life here! 

Here is Grandma Patty saying bye to Eli as we left craig. 

Eli did great while traveling. He's such a champ. He played with cars during the lay over. 

And fortunately snoozed on the last flight. 

After packing up the moving truck we made the trek to Idaho! 

The "beast" 

Took a little pit stop to say hi to cows. Eli is fitting right in :)  he loves the cows and horses! 

Rexburg welcomes us with an awesome summer storm that we had dearly missed. 

We were blessed with so many family members, friends, and strangers helping us move in. It was wonderful. 

We rented a little storage unit for the things that won't fit in this little apartment. Bryan had some serious Tetris skills to get everything to fit! 

And here is our home sweet home.