Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When it rains it poors!

so... I put in my resignation one month ago to quit at my current nursing job.  I was grateful for the experience but working every single weekend was really hard for me.  So I put in my resignation without having another job lined up. sounds silly, but it was a leap of faith.  2 weeks later I got a call from Madison Memorial Hospital where I had an interview as a med surg nurse!  I was soo excited.  Then last week Bryan got a call saying he got a job in Riverton Utah as a full time 8th grade teacher.  He had 2 phone interviews for this job but was not feeling really confident.  So as soon as we find out about his job, we drive down to utah to pick out an apartment, and get to work packing.  In the middle of my packing yesterday I get a phone call saying I got the job at Madison!  Bummer!  I had to tell them i really would love it but we have an unexpected move.  Things happen for crazy reasons!

So we have most of our life packed in boxes to be moved, and crazy plans for the next few weeks.  But we are moving on Jan. 1 to Riverton, where Bryan has a job lined up and I.... am unemployed.  once again!  Here is the floor plan to our new apartment.  It is still small and only one bedroom but much bigger than our current one!  We even have a washer and dryer!!!!


Bryan will graduate this week with his Bachelors of Social Studies Education!!  WOOHOO!  
We will be down in Monticello Utah for Christmas with Bryan's family. I hope you are not bored reading this!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall Pictures

Our Friend Lisa was testing out her new studio and took some pictures for us!  Take a look!!

I felt like an elephant sitting on Bryan!  :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

So the start of our thanksgiving break started out well... frustrating.  I got the last few hours off of work so we could drive to Idaho Falls and catch our flight sunday evening.  We were supposed to leave at 6:00 so we had to be there about 4:30.  I rushed home and threw clothes in our suitcase and tried to get things ready to go.  Meanwhile, outside was a blizzard!  I was afraid we wouldn't be able to fly in it... sure enough as soon as we get to the airport we get a call that says our flight was canceled.  NNOOOOO!  They rescheduled us for 6:00 the next morning.

3:30 Monday morning we are up and ready to go.  We go our to the car, wait.. where's the car?!  It was buried under 2-3' of snow!  We each grab a snow shovel and dig a runway for the car.  45 minutes later we have pretty much shoveled the whole parking lot.  Bryan gets in and tries to drive out of the parking lot.  I am following behind him, and he starts to get stuck.  In my head I was thinking, "Heck no! I want to go home!  We are NOT getting stuck."  So I start pushing the car, and with my huge muscles (not) I pushed us out of the parking lot!!  We got to Oregon that morning and had a blast all week.  Here are a few pictures I had but Mom has more too.

Chris took me and Bryan on the MAX (train system in portland) to go shopping downtown.  We had a blast, and even got 1$ ice cream cones for Ben and Jerry's Birthday.  Mind you the high temperature for that day was only 24 degrees, but it was fun!

Checking out Portland from the bridge

Viking Bryan

They made a good team! 

Highlight of my trip, not only seeing family, but on Thanksgiving morning we were cooking and getting things ready.  A voice behind me and mom says, "hi Mom."  I knew in a second it was Doug but it scared mom half to death!  Doug suprised us and flew across the country to be with us for thanksgiving! He got leave from his ARMY base in Georgia and made it home!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I have never been so excited for thanksgiving!  Bryan and I get to go home for 5 days to spend it in Oregon.  It will be like my mini Christmas, since we are still not sure where we're doing, or even where we'll be for Christmas.  

My plans:
1. Eat
2. Laugh
3. Eat again
4. Cook (only to eat more)
5. Shop
6. Listen to Christmas music
7. Do a Christmas puzzle
8. Have great family and friends over for Thanksgiving day!

Can't wait!!!  See you Sunday Mom!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deck The Halls:

Because it snowed I feel entitled to start decorating for Christmas! And I might have started listening to Christmas music last week.  Some people think i'm a little silly, but really- why is it wrong to dance around the house in your jammies celebrating the birth of Christ!  We would be nothing without Jesus Christ, so why do people think we can only celebrate his birth in the month of December?  Thats my vote...

Anyway!  My mom sent some fabric and a pattern so I could make stockings for me and Bryan. We are not sure yet where we'll be for Christmas, so we have our stockings to take with us wherever we go!  

Our Two stockings! I need a fireplace with a mantel so I can hang them up! For now they are homeless stockings...

My stocking (More girly fabric at least)

Bryan's stocking!

Christmas is here!

Christmas is here!

We got 3 inches of snow two days ago and it was beautiful!  It was the first snow of the season and it was gorgeous to see it fall so gracefully.  I should have taken pictures, but i didn't even think about it. Bryan and I went for a walk when he got home from work, and we got to bundle up in our coats and boots and tromp through the fresh snow.  I love that new snow 'crunch' when you are the first to step in that particular area of snow...

Don't you love snow?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!!

Pumpkin Patch:
We went to a real live pumpkin patch this year!  Bryan said he had never been to one, so we made it an FHE activity.  By the time we could do it, most of the pumpkins had been picked and gathered, but we still had tons of fun hunting for our perfect pumpkins!  

oops... not sure what he's doing :) Time to bring them home!  

 This week we invited over my old roommate and her husband to carve pumpkins together!  They were so much fun, we all had a blast and shared homemade apple cider and brownies together.  chocolate must be involved :)

Bryan got right to work!

 This is Bryan's pumpkin.  I think it is the cutest scariest thing ever !

The final products, ours and Kristina and Eduardo's!

how spooky!  I love it!!

 This is the front of our humble abode with our pumpkins and the cat tails we (borrowed) from the nature park.  See "older posts" for the post of the nature park...

Duck Hunt!

Duck Hunt:
Because we don't have the internet at our apartment, I don't check my email often so i don't get many posts out.  sorry!  here are lots coming your way!!

Remember the Duck Hunt Nintendo game with the orange gun?  thats all, remember?  Nothing much to say about it but it was a fun game!  We went to the Rexburg Nature Park and fed the ducks with some bread I made that well... was not very tasty :) The ducks sure loved it!
Quack Quack!  (Charge!)

QUACK!  (Quick, food!  get it!!!)

 quakk. (Are you going to eat that?)

Hello!  Wanna be friends?  Quacckkk

No more... sorry ducks!

These exploding cat tails kept us entertained for so long!!

Good night sun.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stay Tuned

I have made two crafts that I want to share and post on here- but since we don't have the internet at home, and I have to go to the library to use it.  So I will post them soon! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Best husband ever!

When I worked so many days last week Bryan was the world's best husband in helping me get through a rough week!  He had dinner ready every night when I got home from work at 7.  One night he made taco's, one night was take out pizza, and one night was taco soup (homemade I might add)!  yum!  He even cleaned the house and did all the dishes.  He is so sweet and caring to know when I need a little extra boost. He is working hard teaching all day, and on the weekends he works just as hard to help me out.  I didn't just get lucky- I got very blessed to have him in my life.
This is a picture on our one year anniversary- don't you love his smile!  :)

I don't wanna be a grown up yet

So Last week I worked 50 hours which included two days of training.  The first day I followed the nurse around trying to figure out where all the medications are and who needs which vitamins and pain meds.  The second day my nurse sat at the nurses station and I did everything.  I passed meds to my 13 patients (each patient has probably 10 different medications that need to be given before breakfast) then I became the waitress and had to get all the patients into the dining room, get them drinks, get their food orders, help them eat, and wheel them out.  One funny scene to imagine is 13 wheelchairs having  bumper car races down the hallway.  some patients can slowly scoot themselves along, others wait for a passer by to give them a push. After passing meds for breakfast, I experienced a variety of smells and sights.  I changed dressings on skin tears, catheter sites, tracheostomys, and pressure sores.  After those two days of "training" I worked on my own this last weekend.  It was exhausting, but I did it without too many traumatic events :)

I did get to do a few things for the first time which was a good experience.  I am learning a lot, but its a hard job to work 12 hours without getting the chance to sit down.

I had an interview last week at Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello, and i'm still applying for jobs- so hopefully the right job for me will come up sometime.  In the mean time I am very grateful that we can make a little money to pay bills.  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pack Saddle Adventures!

Bryan, Lisa and I decided to go hiking at Pack Saddle lake.  Lisa said her husband gave her directions.  They consisted of things like turn left at the yellow sign (not sure what it says on it), turn at the three way intersection (almost four way), drive a few miles and there is a parking lot thing- not a parking lot, but people park there.

So after driving for an hour we couldn't find anything that looked like a "parking lot".  We did however find several three way intersections and a few yellow signs.  We had  a blast on the drive though enjoying the beautiful scenery and good friendship!

We decided to adventure along a different road, and Bryan said, "There's a lake down there, do you want to just hike that?"  We got down to the lake and realized somehow we found Pack Saddle!  We enjoyed our lunch on the lake and relaxed :)  We had a blast getting lost!!

you may notice the gun on Bryan's belt.  "Its for the mountain lions" he says.  The biggest creature we saw was a squirrel, but I'm glad he's here to protect me :)