Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Baby Eli

Oh baby how I love you! 

He really is such a sweet baby!  He gives a squak now and then when he's really hungry, but besides that he's just so content and happy!  I have been so blessed with a mellow baby.  He doesn't cry at all, and he's very good at letting me know what he wants before he's upset.

He eats about every 3 hours, except at night goes about 5 hours without eating (from about 11pm-4 am), and I am very grateful for the rest I get then.  When he wakes up he's a ravenous dinosaur!  He scarfs down milk then we play for an hour, snuggle for about half an hour as he's getting really tired, then he'll sleep for two hours. Wake up and repeat!

I have so been busy playing with baby and working on Bryan's grad school while he fishes that I haven't taken as many pictures as I want to, so i'll have to get on that. 

I can't believe how much he has grown in just 3 short weeks.  He has a double chin, little belly, and weighs almost ten pounds! No joke! He is getting soo big. I miss my little newborn, even though he's not even a month old.  But that's how life goes :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jewelry Hanger

My necklaces needed a home where they would hang without getting tangled, yet be out of the way so they weren't just in a pile in our bedroom.  Of course Pinterest was able to help me out.  I loosly followed a picture to make my own holder.

Step One: get board and knobs from Hobby Lobby

Step Two: Measure where you want the knobs to be staggered to hang the necklaces on.  Have your handy dandy husband drill holes for you (yes, that is over the kitchen sink)

Step Three: pain the board, and screw in the knobs.

Then you may come to a little problem as we did because the bolt in the knob stuck out too far to be able to hang the board on the wall.  We went to Lowe's and asked if someone could help us cut these bolts.  The friendly employee opened up a hack saw from the shelf and went to work!  What a nice guy :)

Step Four: Hang up and enjoy organized tangle-free jewelry

Catch Up

I wanted to get pictures of the apartment all clean and pretty, but with baby coming I didn't quite get there. I didn't get pictures of our bedroom and master bath, or the nursery because it wasn't totally set up. Those will have to come after Alaska, but here are a few pictures for now.

The living room is pretty much the same as before (not a lot of options)

We re-purposed the window from our bedroom and added the wreath.

This little table was a perfect find for holding bills and coupons and things.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello Again

I can't exactly apologize for not updating my blog because, frankly, I'm loving being a mommy and snuggling with my little dinosaur.  I feel very complete when I am with him knowing I am providing for him and nurturing him.  When I'm not nursing (which is all the time-- he's a very hungry dinosaur) I have been enjoying being in Alaska!!

I have gone on walks everyday with Eli in my front carrier and can just enjoy nature, the rain, eagles, and deer.  Its beautiful.  I am still adjusting to this mommy life so be patient but I will get back to blogging.  But I'm in Heaven :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome to the World

Eli Bryan Westfall
7 lbs 11 oz
20.5 inches long
Beautiful, Happy, and Ours!!