Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spud Harvest

Bryan had two weeks off for harvest break! It's a time where potato harvest is in full swing and as many people as possible are needed to work jn the fields so school is closed for two weeks to allow students and families to work. Bryan didn't work and I loved having him home. Because he fishes all summer he really doesn't get a vacation so we had our own stay-cation. We tried to do as many cheap or free local things around the area. I was terrible at documenting with pictures but we had a blast. 

We enjoyed yummy treats,

Fed the ducks,

Crunched in the leaves,

Went shooting,

Took family pictures with this hunk,

Went to the airplane museum with Grandpa,

Watches those amazing Idaho sunsets that we missed so much, 

Went shooting again ;)

Rode bikes,

Went to Island Park,

And did lots and lots of other fun things! 

(And one more I'll be posting about soon!)

We Bought A...


We are soo excited and feel incredibly blessed that we officially have our first home. Its a cute little thing snuggled on the edge of town in Rigby, Idaho and we couldn't be happier!

We have lots to do including paint, new light fixtures, replacing screens, closet doors, and oh yea, moving in!!

Signing papers: 

Getting the keys!!