Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snow on Memorial Day

Bryan and I hiked Bell Canyon to a waterfall for Memorial Day.  There was a reservoir about 1/2 mile up, and then a waterfall a couple more miles past that.  The weather was perfect and it was so beautiful.

The hike was actually a bit strenuous at times, and let me tell you- my rear end is definitely sore today!  This is the reservoir.  Notice the snow close down to the water.  Yea.. it gets closer :)
 The water level was really high.  This is the mile marker!  You can hardly see it!

 This was a few miles up the mountain, and we ended up hiking through about 8 inches of snow at some points.  Whew! It was warm outside though so it was a great hike.
 finally made it to the waterfall!

 On the hike down we found this little guy.  I wanted to take him home for Bryan so he could have a pet in his classroom.  Bryan didn't go for that :)
We had a fabulous time, although we got pretty wet, and really sore!  Loved it

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tah Dah!

My second quilt is almost done!  I tried fusible batting this time around... not loving it.  It was nice to be able to fuse all the layers together so i don't have to keep tons of safety pins in the quilt, especially with traveling, I can bet TSA at the airport will pee their pants when they see thirty metal pins in my quilt.  I might poke somebody.  Oh no!  But I did notice that it make a few wrinkles, that are now pressed into the quilt. I'm not too worried about those because someday this blanket will get peed on and barfed on by some little baby, so a wrinkle is no biggie.  It did allow me to sew on the binding now, which makes it feel more finished, then I can stitch around the stars later. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is it Christmas Yet?

Sometimes I start thinking about Christmas a little early... like May.  I am done with my quilt top, it just needs to be layered and hand quilted (which will be during my Alaska trip) so I think its time to make stockings!  Recently my style has been changing a bit, and I am really into quilting, so I want my stockings to reflect that style.  I have two that I made for last year out of red velvet, which I really like.  I think I am going to be the type of person to have lots of stockings, and use them as decorations. 

 Here are my latest favorites!  Plus I'm loving pinwheels right now so its meant to be :)  Time to find the fabric!  And I know it sounds expensive with buying lots of fabric, but I get Joann Fabric coupons in the mail, so all the fabric I buy is 50% off!!

I. Love. Christmas. 



Monday, May 16, 2011

Our not so green thumb

My lamo camera doesn't understand that I want it to focus on the flower, not the leaves!  Anyway, we have a few little blossoms on our peas!  Our beans are still surviving, but our tomatoes are looking a bit sad.  I don't know if they are getting over watered, beaten by the wind, lacking sun, or what!  Oh well...

What's been happening here...

My second quilt is almost done!!  I like to think I designed it myself, but I know other people have done this pattern.  It was fun to map it out on paper, and do the math to find how much of each color of material I needed.  By the time I finished the front and border I had exactly 1.76 inches of each fabric left.  Give or take a bit :)

I have everything ready for this quilt including the binding and backing.  I am going to baste it and then hand quilt it on my trip to Alaska.  It's a very long day to travel to Craig from Salt Lake, so it'll keep me busy.  As long as the dumb TSA people don't take away my quilting needle!

And I finally stitched my name on my first quilt.  I finished it a bit ago, but got it out last week to officially finish it off.  All done!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

My mom has shaped me into who I am today.  I would not be the same person without my mom.  Words cannot express my love and gratitude for her sacrifices, unconditional love, and devotion to teaching me.
My husban'd mom is the best mother-in-law I could ask for.  She is so thoughtful towards others, and would put anyone's needs above her own.  She is a wonderful example to me.

I love them both, and I am grateful they raised us to be worthy, righteous people so we could be sealed for eternity together.

Ho Hum

I used my last pair on contacts last month.
I woke up this morning and my glasses were broken.  How do I become so destructive in the night?!
I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow so I hope I can get contacts and glasses!

Maybe I'll just have to be blind until then.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Church EVER!

Last week was the first week that our church time changed from 2:00-5:00 to 1:00-4:00.  We got ready for church and headed out the door at 12:45.  We got to our building and not one car is in the parking lot.  uh oh.... We wondered if they changed buildings when we changed wards.  Then we remembered that it was stake conference!  It was from 9-11 this morning and we totally missed it!  We decided to drive around town and try to find a building to attend sacrament meeting in.  We found a building with a few cars so we headed in and heard the congregation singing the opening hymn.  we snuck in and took a seat on the back row.  but something is weird.

It's in spanish.

We were in a spanish branch!  This could be interesting!  A sweet man came over to us and gave us headphones so we could hear the translator in the front.  We really enjoyed sacrament meeting and listening to the sweet testimonies of these hispanic people. 

But we were wondering, can you get sick through headphones?!

The translator was very sick and kept blowing his nose into the microphone so we could all hear it!  EEWW!  But were were glad he was there anyway :)