Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!!

Pumpkin Patch:
We went to a real live pumpkin patch this year!  Bryan said he had never been to one, so we made it an FHE activity.  By the time we could do it, most of the pumpkins had been picked and gathered, but we still had tons of fun hunting for our perfect pumpkins!  

oops... not sure what he's doing :) Time to bring them home!  

 This week we invited over my old roommate and her husband to carve pumpkins together!  They were so much fun, we all had a blast and shared homemade apple cider and brownies together.  chocolate must be involved :)

Bryan got right to work!

 This is Bryan's pumpkin.  I think it is the cutest scariest thing ever !

The final products, ours and Kristina and Eduardo's!

how spooky!  I love it!!

 This is the front of our humble abode with our pumpkins and the cat tails we (borrowed) from the nature park.  See "older posts" for the post of the nature park...

Duck Hunt!

Duck Hunt:
Because we don't have the internet at our apartment, I don't check my email often so i don't get many posts out.  sorry!  here are lots coming your way!!

Remember the Duck Hunt Nintendo game with the orange gun?  thats all, remember?  Nothing much to say about it but it was a fun game!  We went to the Rexburg Nature Park and fed the ducks with some bread I made that well... was not very tasty :) The ducks sure loved it!
Quack Quack!  (Charge!)

QUACK!  (Quick, food!  get it!!!)

 quakk. (Are you going to eat that?)

Hello!  Wanna be friends?  Quacckkk

No more... sorry ducks!

These exploding cat tails kept us entertained for so long!!

Good night sun.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stay Tuned

I have made two crafts that I want to share and post on here- but since we don't have the internet at home, and I have to go to the library to use it.  So I will post them soon! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Best husband ever!

When I worked so many days last week Bryan was the world's best husband in helping me get through a rough week!  He had dinner ready every night when I got home from work at 7.  One night he made taco's, one night was take out pizza, and one night was taco soup (homemade I might add)!  yum!  He even cleaned the house and did all the dishes.  He is so sweet and caring to know when I need a little extra boost. He is working hard teaching all day, and on the weekends he works just as hard to help me out.  I didn't just get lucky- I got very blessed to have him in my life.
This is a picture on our one year anniversary- don't you love his smile!  :)

I don't wanna be a grown up yet

So Last week I worked 50 hours which included two days of training.  The first day I followed the nurse around trying to figure out where all the medications are and who needs which vitamins and pain meds.  The second day my nurse sat at the nurses station and I did everything.  I passed meds to my 13 patients (each patient has probably 10 different medications that need to be given before breakfast) then I became the waitress and had to get all the patients into the dining room, get them drinks, get their food orders, help them eat, and wheel them out.  One funny scene to imagine is 13 wheelchairs having  bumper car races down the hallway.  some patients can slowly scoot themselves along, others wait for a passer by to give them a push. After passing meds for breakfast, I experienced a variety of smells and sights.  I changed dressings on skin tears, catheter sites, tracheostomys, and pressure sores.  After those two days of "training" I worked on my own this last weekend.  It was exhausting, but I did it without too many traumatic events :)

I did get to do a few things for the first time which was a good experience.  I am learning a lot, but its a hard job to work 12 hours without getting the chance to sit down.

I had an interview last week at Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello, and i'm still applying for jobs- so hopefully the right job for me will come up sometime.  In the mean time I am very grateful that we can make a little money to pay bills.