Saturday, February 27, 2016

5 Fact Friday (on Saturday)

1. I gave Emma a little taste of a pear this week when Eli was having a snack. She sucked on it a bit but didn't go crazy over it. She also didn't turn her nose up at it though! The plan is to wait til 6 months to start food. I think she'll be ready. She grabs our plates and swipes anything she can right off them! She's so interested in food but can't bring it up to her mouth yet. 

2. I only have 2 kids and have yet to get a picture with them both smiling. Eli does ask to hold Emma more often so maybe my chances of catching one will increase 

3. My mom found some clearance jammies for Emma (size 2t) for Christmas and sent them. Eli wanted to try them on...and has been wearing them every night. Eventually Emma will get her own jammies back. And these bunny ears just kill me :)

4. Eli loves stories. Every night we have to read a few before bed. Usually I nurse Emma and Bryan reads stories. But tonight Emma read with us. 

5. I had my first blue and gold scout dinner and overall I think it was a success. Once I got the ball rolling it really wasn't bad, but we'll see how the pinewood derby goes next month!!!

Friday, February 26, 2016


Eli loves bowling! We finally had a relaxing weekend at home and decided to go. He had a blast. One game is just long enough before he gets a little bored. And by the way I got my best score ever- 135!! (It may have had something to do wth using a 6 lb ball) 

Holy smokes Emma's face (and double chin) is so round! She was a good sport and watched the whole time. Maybe she can have a turn in a couple years :)

Farmer Eli

Eli has been pretending to have chickens and collect eggs ever since I got out the Easter decorations. He has his little farm behind the recliner, and feeds them worms and "shhhhhh"'s them to sleep. It's adorable. So when a box came in the mail we covered it to a chicken coop complete with paper straw and paper nests for his hens. He loves it. Then he decided he needed a barn mouse ;) 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Emma is 5 months old!

I am a little heartbroken at how quickly time is flying with my baby. She's growing too fast!! While I am excited for her to sleep better at night, and sit up on her own, I am sooo not ready for her to grow too much more. 

The last month has been a major struggle for sleep. A few illnesses have really thrown her off and we are working hard to get her to sleep even for 2 hours at a time! I have tried a bath, lotion massage, essential oils, vapo rub (for her eternal cold), elevated the head of the bed, extra blankets, humidifier, sound machine, magic fairy dust, unicorn fur jammies, you name it. Last night she slept 5 hours without a peep, so something must be working! Maybe the magic fairy dust ;)

Besides sleeping (or lack there of) she is absolutely precious. She loves to play with Eli, be wherever we are, and just sit and snuggle. She has been an amazing traveler the past 2 weekends we had been gone and has loved all the attention from family. 

She loves to nurse and wants nothing to do with a bottle. (Just like Eli!) man we are smitten with Emma! 

5 Fact Friday

This seems to be the only way I can keep updated on my blog, so at least I am getting some pictures up! 
1. Emma turned 5 months! 

2. We went down to Utah for the weekend and went through the Provo temple open house. It was beautiful and so neat to see how they used the remains of the tabernacle. So pretty. And it was a great experience for Eli to go through too, to be able to give him a little glimpse of the temple. 

3. I finally got a grown up camera! So far I'm loving it but would definitely appreciate and welcome any tips you may have! 

4. Holy smokes I must be exhausted. I have absolutely no recollection of doing this! And yes, it was in there all night, and yes I had to throw it away :/ 

5. We finally had an almost spring day. We bundled up and got out for a walk. It felt so good. Then the next day it snowed. 

Here's to hoping more spring days are headed our way! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Fact Friday

1. We started off this week by spending some time in Utah with family and attending a baptism. It was a sweet experience over all and really sweet to watch Eli begin to grasp new gospel concepts. He excitedly watched Sidney enter the waters of baptism and be baptized by her dad. I hope he can keep these little snippets in his memory to help him remember what baptism is about. 

2. I have fish! Eli and Emma loved swimming at the hotel this weekend. Eli was practicing his kicks and jumping in from the side. He hasn't conquered going under water, but we'll get there. Emma was a happy girl in the water as long as nobody splashed her ;) 


Do you see all those days in the 40's?!?? Hallelujah!!!! We have had a long cold spell in the 20's and I can't wait to get outside for walks again. We still have heaps of snow but I'm looking forward to that melting next week. Fingers crossed! 

4. We have found something that works for scripture stories with Eli!! We made a gum ball machine and each scripture story we read together he can glue a Pom Pom on it. The incentive was to go bowling when it was full but he's enjoying just glueing them on each time we read. 

It's so fun to see his eyes light up when I remind him of nephi or Lehi or Noah because the names are starting to stick! 

5. I'm having a mini 1/4 life crisis. Emma hasn't slept in a month, my hair is falling out from post partum hormone changes, causing me bald spots, I can't kick this cold, and I might not survive much more of this. Oh man oh man. Here's to hoping next week goes a bit better!! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

5 Fact Friday

This pretty little lady might just be the death of me. She's had some stomach virus that wiped out all her good bacteria. So we are working on getting her feeling better. But in the meantime she decided sleep is for losers. So we get none. It's utterly exhausting. Then throw in a round of colds for us and it's been a doozy of a week. 

This was my first time making homemade French bread. It was AMAZING. Soft even on day 2 (it didn't make it past day 3). Haha


This guys imagination this week cracked me up when I needed it most. He spent 2.5 making playdoh pizza for his animals friends. And then wore this bunny tail EVERYWHERE all week. 

4. I just got called as the assistant Cub Scout master. There is currently no cub master so I have to take over the blue and gold banquet. My idea is a camping theme. We'll see how it really turns out but let's just say I'm grateful for Pinterest! 

The joy of siblings ;) she is pretty darn patient with him and I think secretly she loves it :)