Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why hello!

I am alive, we are unpacking and trying to get back to the normal life living in this freezing tundra. St. George and California was fantastic and I can't wait to blog about it! But I have to do laundry first, sorry ;)

Stay tuned!!

Go baby go.

My mom is so wise. When I go to her and explain how crummy baby is sleeping, waking up every hour, wanting to eat all the time, ect she is so wise in telling me that it means he's getting ready to do something.

The last several weeks he would wake up hourly, fight being swaddled, want to eat several times during the night and just be difficult.

The last few days he's only woken up a couple times in the night, stayed swaddled, and didn't need to eat more than once. AND since he started sleeping better he also rolls back to front and front to back both sides, blows bubbles like crazy, curls his tongue like a giraffe and sits up on his own!!! (Not for long though). :) so all those sleepless nights on both our part were adding up to something!

I added a few random Pictures just for fun but hopefully will add the videos soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy birthday to me

This weekend since my mom was here and we'll be traveling on my actual birthday we decided to have a birthday party! Mom made the most incredible orange dream sicle cake! I have to admit it was pretty fun to open my presents early too! I got an awesome diaper bag, fuzzy Sweatshirt, and a stainless steel skillet!

We made an awesome dinner and then went swimming! See post below :) so I'm not officially 25 yet but it was really nice to celebrate with my mom too!!

First attempt at swimming!

While mom was here this weekend we took the little mister swimming. It was a little cold and noisy for him, but I think summer this will be the best place ever!

He loves the bath but for him this was the worlds biggest tub!
Oh I forgot to mention it was 25 degrees and snowing :) maybe we didn't pick the best day! But it was fun!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mr. Eli 5 months young

Well little Mr., what a joy you have been to our family these last 5 very short months!

At your 4 month check you were in the 35% for height at 25 inches, 50% for weight at 15 pounds and of course 95% for head circumference!
You can grab your toes and even bring them to your mouth
You are very close to being able to roll on both sides but the arm is still in the way
You are constantly smiling and laughing
You are so so observant and notice new voices and faces
You are a mommas boy and home body!
I love how when you wake up from a nap I go in your room and you are just smiling and talking
You can fall asleep on your own now!! This is a huge thing! Occasionally you still want to be rocked to sleep but now you can drift off into dream land on your own. Thank you :)
You don't eat during the night but you still wake up a few times
You wear size 3 diapers and 3-6 month clothes
Your are such a blessing to our family and we love you so so much!