Friday, March 25, 2016

Test Subject

Emma seems to be a more cooperative photo subject than Eli. She can't escape yet and she smiles pretty easily. So as I practice with my camera, she tends to be the one I get pictures of :) I need to do a shoot with Eli when the weather warms up and I can capture him doing bubbles outside! 

Any-who, here ya go. 

Five Fact Friday

1. We took Eli to the movie theater for the first time! He isn't big into movies, and sitting for 1.5 hours so we waited quite a while before attempting. We figured it would be worth it anyway since cheap theater tickets are only a couple dollars. I think he enjoyed the seats popcorn and treats more than the movie. Emma did great too and fell asleep partway through. Turned out to be a good family date! 
2. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of this handsome man. He looked adorable with his blue sneakers and matching gingham tie. Aahhhh

3. Emma got to test out the high chair this week. She is trying bits of baby food and people food. She's not super crazy about eating but is pretty willing to try anything. Including finger puppets! She did this herself and was so proud for making us laugh so hard! 

4. Speaking of laughing so hard, this is rather embarrassing but I bought a pair of panty hose tights to make headbands for Emma. Eli and i were being silly and I put the waist band on my head. He sure got a kick out of it, and I definitely just made a fool of myself. All for the sake of baby giggles :) 

5. I have resisted the urge to buy all things baby. There are so many cute hair bows or dresses or outfits for Emma but I try to resist. Until I saw this shoe section at Kings. If anyone is reading this, and has a Kings it's a hidden gem for baby shoes! I had no idea! I loved these tiny Toms and may have to go back for them. 
I got these little crochet ones and love them! 

Well, that sums it up! I should have an Easter post coming next week! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Emma's Easter Pictures

I am very very new at this photography thing, and my subject was very very wiggly but here are a few. Yes I'm fully aware she may be mortified in 12 years when she sees these pictures, but I couldn't resist!

Friday, March 11, 2016

5 Fact Friday

1. We had one warm day last week and took advantage of it by staying outside ALL day. It was wonderful. We are so much happier when we can get out and play. Thank goodness spring is close! 

2. Eli loves to dress up as a bunny and eat carrots. I'm good with it since it gets him to eat some vegetables! 

3. I can't get over this cuteness of Eli putting his arm around Emma at story time! 

And look who can finally sit up in the cart! 

4. Oh the joys of siblings ;) 

5. Grandma Patty and Pap Shane come this week so Eli drew them a welcome sign. I *so artistically* drew their bodies and he decorated them with hair and a face. 

This next week is forecasted to snow *again* so we'll see what adventures it brings! Happy friday!!!