Monday, December 29, 2014

Eli's Room Mini Tour

When my mom was here for Christmas we tackled decorating Eli's room.  It was so fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and work on projects together with.  We had some good laughs as we experiences some messes and mishaps ;)

I recovered the pillow that was already in the rocker and we stenciled on the nautical shapes (I forgot to mention his room is slightly nautical themed).  

These curtains were inspired from this image below.  Ours didn't fold as smoothly as the blogs, but I love the look of them regardless.  Note to self- when buying paint please do NOT buy oil based.  
It is stinky, sticky, messy, really stinky, stiff, and oooh so difficult to get off hands.  Don't ask how I know!  But it turned out to be an inexpensive project by purchasing plain white curtains and just painting red stripes every 5".  Simple! (and stinky)

IHeart Organizing: Preston's Bedroom Update: Seeing Orange Stripes great step by step on how to paint stripes on curtains - LOVING this - totally going to do it for my office revamp! 
Added some monkey fist knots to the end of the curtain rod.  They don't show up super great, but were actually fun to make!

And I can't see starfish without thinking of Alaska

We drew the lighthouse and anchor then stenciled them onto some chambray fabric.  So quick and turned out better than I imagined!

 I purchased this bookshelf from Walmart for 15$ and its served perfectly as a bookshelf and toy storage shelf.  I need to make better labels for the bins though. 

And can I just say this big boy bed is magic.  The second night in our home Eli started sleeping through the night.  For pretty much the first time ever.  And does soo much better in his bed.  I rolled up a couple towels and lined the edge of the bed to keep him from falling out.  He has only fallen out of bed twice since moving, and it beats a big bed rail.  (pool noodles would have also worked great but I didn't have any)

 This paint job of the dresser was much smoother and much less stinky!  We taped off the sides of the drawers and primed the outside and front of drawers with spray paint primer 
then did 2 coats of latex gloss paint.
 We finally transferred our license plates to Idaho, so I displayed the Alaska ones.  It was a little sentimental to remove them.
 Bryan found these floating balls used in fishing nets last summer.  They are commonly used in Japan, but these had Korean writing on them.  Not sure how they found their way to Alaska but I think they are the perfect touch, and bring some of our Alaska home to Idaho.

 So there you have a very simple little boy room.  It cost less than 50$ for everything and I feel like it looks a lot more expensive than that.  I am so happy with how it turned out.
  Our bedroom is the next project, but may be put on hold til the spring,
 so be patient but I can't wait to show finished pictures of it.  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

This year my mom came to spend Christmas with me, Bryan, and Eli.  And can I say it was an amazing Christmas!  It was so fun to spend it in our new home cooking, working on projects, shopping, playing with Eli, and more cooking!  It was the perfect balance between doing "stuff" and relaxing.  I wished it could have lasted longer!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Stockings

I made new Christmas stockings for our family earlier this month and forgot to share them!!

I used this tutorial and pattern and they turned out perfect!

I had 3 hand quilted ones I had made several years ago but wanted a full matching set for our complete family.  I decided to make 8 stockings to accomodate for potential children, pets, and visitors :)  It was really fun and I am happier with the results than I thought I would be.  I did plain white cotton lining and a white cotton with silver glitter. I am excited to get out another stocking with each little one that comes to our family!

(don't mind the little helper and other projects scattered around)


And while I made stockings my Stud hung the Christmas lights!!