Thursday, August 30, 2012

grow baby grow.

Happy 2 month birthday Eli!

  • you weigh 11 lbs 11 oz
  •  you can roll from your tummy to your back
  • you love to talk, laugh and smile
  • bath time is probably your favorite time of the day
  • you don't like to be swaddled as much at bedtime
  • you love to be sung to (even my horrible voice)
  • story time always ends up in nap time
  • you're still bald
  • your feet are ticklish
  • we love you to pieces!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fishing Alaska style

On one of our last days we went to the Harris River again and went on a fun hike.  There was an old gold mine that had pieces of machinery left behind.  Baby Eli is an outdoor baby for sure.  He just loves being snuggled in his front pack checking out everything!
We went on another hike to see remains of an old mine from the 1920's.  I wish we would have taken pictures of the hike. It was pretty funny to watch me climb over and under trees and branches with a baby in my front pack :)

There were 6 trees growing out of this old wavy trunk

The stream bed was covered with salmon

There was a gold mine along the river in the 1920's.  These are the remains when the mining went out. They packed up and moved and left everything behind.
Shane (Bryan's dad) found a fishing lure and some line stuck in a tree.  He pulled it down and tied it to a stick and went fishing!
I couldn't stop laughing while he was out there in his boots fishing with a stick like a kid.  He caught 6 salmon!  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dinner Alaska Style

Yesterday was Bryan's last day off from work so we went the a different part of the Harris River and had tin foil dinners and played horse shoes!  It was fun and relaxing, even though it was pretty chilly!
Eli was talking to Bryan the whole drive, just enjoying studying his face :)
Sweet little Alaska boy

 Holy beard!!
It was no easy task to throw those horseshoes with Eli in the front pack!
Tired Baby but he just wouldn't go to sleep because too much fun was happening!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Harris River Hike

Bryan hardly had any days off while working this summer so we took advantage of it and went on a little hike with his mom!  It was a beautiful day and Eli was awake and enjoying the scenery all afternoon!

  I am wearing Bryan's very attractive Xtra Tuff fishing boots!  we had to cross a creek but Bryan was the only one with b00ts so we all took turns wearing them :)

And we had to stop for lunch of course :)  What a great day!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 things in my brain

1. It breaks my heart at how fast my baby is growing. I love him so much and cherish each moment, I'm not ready for him to grow up. 
2. I really want to make baked oatmeal, too bad the oven is broken
3. I stumbled across the artist Mindy Gledhill, and I really like her! I looked her up on the Internet and she's LDS too!
4. I have always wanted to run a half marathon. I'm going to do it this spring!  I need a goal to work towards, and a reason to get moving each day
5. I'm ready to get back to Utah and settle in to our routine

What are you thinking about??

Friday, August 10, 2012

Snuggle bug.

I have started a bad habit. But I don't really feel bad about it.

Baby eats at ten at night then we go to bed. He wakes up between 2-3am to eat, and again at 6 am. I used to get up with him at 6 and be awake for the day. Yea... That lasted a week. So now I put him in the bed with me after his 6:00 feeding, because Bryan has to get up at 4:30.  So baby and I snuggle and snooze for 3 more hours then get up at 9:00.  I love him sleeping right next to me on Bryan's pillow, and smell his baby goodness.  I love watching him sleep and smile at me when he wakes up. We are people people and just need each other! He may get used to this routine, and then have to climb in bed with me every morning Hm...

I have started a bad habit and I love it. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Captain Eli

Patty and Shane have an old boat in their front yard.  It sounds silly, but it is actually Bryan's very first boat!  He was 9 years old when he bought it at an auction for 80$!!  It is named the Bottom Dredger :)  But now it sits full of flowers with the names of all the grandkids on the front. 
We had the honor of adding Eli to it! 

Even Baby Eli got a Westfall Charters shirt

 7th grand baby

Shane accidently "snagged" Bryan's sweats!

Book Worm

Baby loves to have stories read to him.  I like to read the ones by Eric Carl (Very Hungry Catapillar, the one bout the cricket, ect) because the contrasting colors grab Eli's attention.  We read a few books a day
and he usually falls asleep by the third one. 
Not sure if its relaxing or i'm boring :)

5 Days Old

1 month old

5 weeks

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just passing by

What did the bear say when he crossed the road?

Not much, he just sauntered his way across the street in the middle of town  :)

Just a little hello from Alaska!

Blessing Day

Eli was blessed last Sunday by his daddy.  He had the blessing in Craig, Alaska so only his parents were in attendance. It was a quiet day with a very sweet blessing.  I made his blessing outfit and he was able to wear booties that Bryan wore on his blessing day.  Grandma Patty made the white blanket especially for this day, and the green one behind it Bryan's grandma started.  She had cancer and the chemo kept her from finishing it, so a ward member completed it for Bryan and he had it for his blessing day. 

Yes, I realize my hair looks like dog fur :)  I badly need a hair cut and i'm not used to the humidity yet!

Bryan did a wonderful job on the blessing and said some very sweet things.  We love our little Eli and we are so grateful he was able to come to our family, our little miracle baby.

Splish Splash

Eli loves baths!  He could probably sit all day and kick his chunky legs in the water if I let him. 
 One of these days I just might :) 

 I think he may be outgrowing that tub pretty quick!