Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brought some animals home

Here is a tiny sneak peak of the nursery.  After going to the zoo I was inspired to bring some animals home with me :)

They wouldn't actually fit in the room so I drew some instead!

And we decided to bring some birds home too :)  These ones are very quiet, don't poop on things, and don't eat anything!  :)

Trip to the Zoo

Mom came to visit last week to help get the house ready in preparation for this baby if he ever decides to come :) We went to the Hogle Zoo and had a really fun afternoon.

 It was about 100 degrees the day we went so many of the animals spent their time lounging like this monkey :)

He was covering his head from the heat
 and this was a mighty bad haircut on this camel!

We should have taken a picture of me on an iron elephant, becuase I felt as big as one!
 The polar bear was showing off for us and we loved watching him swim and do belly flops

Not sure how these porcupines could even cuddle!

I had to take a picture of this sign to keep in perspective that I won't be pregnant forever, even though I feel like it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Still Wating

Still waiting for baby to even consider coming. But here are the baby pictures from 36 weeks!  Enjoy :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making a New Nest

 We are still alive!  And all moved into our new apartment in Riverton.  I started to pack about 10 days before moving which really helped us to be ready when moving day came.  Friday Bryan and I made 3-4 trips between our apartments with car loads of boxes.  We got most of those things organized, then Saturday the men from our church helped us move the big things like a bed, dresser, table, ect.  We had all the moving done in about 2 1/2 hours.  We were so blessed to have so much help!  I started unpacking as soon as we got moved in, and pretty much haven't stopped.  I feel slightly addicted where I can't look at the apartment and see something that needs to be put away, and just sit and watch it.  It drives me nuts!  So now the only things I need to finish unpacking are the decorations and pictures! 

Here are a few pictures the same day we moved in. Getting the sheets all washed since they were used to keep drawers closed in the moving van. ew. (not my idea)  :)
It took a long time to figure out how to arrange this room.  We have a very long dresser and it doesn't fit anywhere but along one wall!  Now in a couple weeks I'll have a bassinet in here too.  Oh dear :)

Each bedroom has walk in closets.  I feel very very spoiled!!
 Yes, that would be a suitcase in our bathroom :)  Thankfully that bathroom looks much better now!

 Baby's room!  We set up the crib and changing table and all of a sudden it wasn't a second bedroom anymore.  Now its a nursery!!  We still have lots of re-arranging to do in here, and since my mom will be staying in here (not in the crib) but on an air mattress, we left the middle open for that, so this will get organized better when Critter arrives.

 I dreaded unpacking the kitchen!  We use it so much that I wanted things to be organized really well.  That is a pantry in the back with the door-- heaven sent!  we also have metal shelving in baby's room for extra food storage so it was hard to decide where to put things.  But our kitchen is now in working organized condition, and we actually had room for everything even though it looks so small!
 Work in progress....
 This got set up first because we had family over to help and wanted a place for them to be able to relax and visit too.
Our nest looks a hundred times better (still bare walls) but I will be posting pictures soon!  This is just a  little taste, and so you can trust that I have been busy, not just lazy and not blogging :)

Baby update: nothing.  Not a single contraction.  After moving for two days straight and upacking for several more you'd think something would happen right?!  Nah.  Guess I need to stay patient.  I'm 38 weeks so I hope baby doesn't stay too comfortable!!

That's all for now...

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I feel a bit like a time bomb.... just waiting for it to go off, but not knowing if it will be tomorrow, or a month from now.  Just waiting....I am only 36 and a half weeks so I probably have a couple more weeks of waiting, but its a very odd feeling knowing anyday I could start contractions and have a baby! 

Its such a weird thought that in just 2 weeks or maybe 4) we could be parents!  And have a child of our own.  I'm really excited, but now i'm thinking about the few things I will miss when i'm not pregnant anymore.  I LOVE feeling him wiggle and squirm around my belly, knowing that he is right here next to me safe and protected.  Okay so maybe thats the main thing I'll miss.  I sure won't miss having to wear Bryan's shorts and t-shirts cause mine are too tight, or only being able to sleep on my side, or a belly that gets in the way of basically everything, and of course stretch marks (even though these suckers are here to stay!)

We are trying to enjoy the last few days with just the two of us.  Swimming is definitely on the agenda, and we went to a super yummy thai food restaurant yesterday in SLC.  Tonight we are taking maternity (by the way I absolutely hate that word).... so let's re-phrase: tonight we are taking baby bump pictures with my best friend Denise.  Just to savor the pregnant days (hate that word too) before they are gone!