Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Well....I don't think I can catch up from the last two months of missed blogging. My heart just hasn't been in blogging lately. (Sorry mom) so I'll try with a fresh start in Alaska. Bryan and Shane had a rare day off on the same day so we went to Canoe point.  Its a short hike to a waterfall that can only be reached by boat.  It was a blast!


Emma is 9 Months Old!

Emma, at 9 months old you:
~ make the BEST scrunchy nose faces (see picture below!)
~ nurse more often now than you did last month! Back up to every 3 hours.  Sheesh.  I'm basically a dairy cow
~ like baby oatmeal and dry cereal, but not a lot of other people food
~ sleep...no you don't.  You don't nap well or sleep well.  Yea, you just suck at that sleeping thing
~ are so so happy and smiley
~ LOVE to play with Eli.  All day, every day
~ crawl everywhere and love to be chased
~ can stand on your own
~ would rather crumple and nibble on books than sit and read them
~ loooove the pacifier and your soft fuzzy blankie.  They are a must for any cuddles or naps
~ are a happy camper when you can go on a walk everyday
~ wave bye when its time to go to bed.  It melts my heart every night
~ chat and babble all the time
~ are the best little sister and daughter we could imagine!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Five Fact Friday

1. Sunday night we had a big dinner with family and cousins and aunts and uncles. We are absolutely loving having some of our extended family members so close. It's so fun to be able to connect with them and for Eli to have his cousins be his best friends. 
Bryan enjoying the fire with uncles, his brother, and his dad. 

2. I never get a good picture of these two when I ask them to pose, but i love the candid moments when Eli just gives Emma a love. 

3. Little Miss has decided food isn't so bad. She is always going after whatever I'm eating. So much so she almost crawls to my plate! She snatched this rice cake right out of my hands as soon as I got home from track practice! 

And she can't resist the box of tomatoes (that I need to can) sitting right by her. I'm always finding her gnawing on one. 

4. So grateful for a few days of sunshine. More to come next week too! 

5. This little cutie is so tricky. She's so so happy and smiley but feels awful. She wakes up every 30-60 minutes screaming in pain. She's a mystery. We've tried the elimination diet for nursing, reflux meds, and nothing seems to be helping. Any momma suggestions? 
Well happy Friday y'all! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Five Fact Friday

(I've been trying to post this since Friday but it wouldn't upload. So hopefully it'll be a really late Friday on Monday ) 

1. This weekend we enjoyed watching general conference. Eli really listened and picked up on words they were saying. While he doesn't understand much yet I at least want him to understand who our prophet is, and think about the feeling we have in our home while watching the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord. 

2.we enjoyed a couple days of beautiful weather and got working outside. We seeded some areas of the yard that were bare and sparse and Bryan built Eli a dirt/digging box. 

Eli was also a good big brother and tested Emma's new swing out for her :)

3. Baby shoes!!!! Cutest 5$ ever spent. The end :)
4. After a month of trying bites of people food and some baby food, Emma is getting the hang of it! She doesn't love the sweet baby food but she is getting better! 

5. Today we are attending the sealing and marriage for Bryan's cousin. Eli and Emma will be staying with an aunt and uncle for a couple hours. We had dinner with them last night and Eli was loving feeding their chickens! 

Friday, April 1, 2016


We had a lovely quiet Easter at home. Sunday we went to church then had a yummy simple Easter dinner. We set up a quick egg hunt just for Eli ;) he loved it! 

As I get older the significance of Easter becomes much more important than candy or Easter baskets or dying eggs. But to a 3 year old, those things are still so fun. We tried to teach him about the crucifixion and resurrection. But those are some pretty deep words for a little guy. Fingers crossed some of it stuck :) 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Test Subject

Emma seems to be a more cooperative photo subject than Eli. She can't escape yet and she smiles pretty easily. So as I practice with my camera, she tends to be the one I get pictures of :) I need to do a shoot with Eli when the weather warms up and I can capture him doing bubbles outside! 

Any-who, here ya go. 

Five Fact Friday

1. We took Eli to the movie theater for the first time! He isn't big into movies, and sitting for 1.5 hours so we waited quite a while before attempting. We figured it would be worth it anyway since cheap theater tickets are only a couple dollars. I think he enjoyed the seats popcorn and treats more than the movie. Emma did great too and fell asleep partway through. Turned out to be a good family date! 
2. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of this handsome man. He looked adorable with his blue sneakers and matching gingham tie. Aahhhh

3. Emma got to test out the high chair this week. She is trying bits of baby food and people food. She's not super crazy about eating but is pretty willing to try anything. Including finger puppets! She did this herself and was so proud for making us laugh so hard! 

4. Speaking of laughing so hard, this is rather embarrassing but I bought a pair of panty hose tights to make headbands for Emma. Eli and i were being silly and I put the waist band on my head. He sure got a kick out of it, and I definitely just made a fool of myself. All for the sake of baby giggles :) 

5. I have resisted the urge to buy all things baby. There are so many cute hair bows or dresses or outfits for Emma but I try to resist. Until I saw this shoe section at Kings. If anyone is reading this, and has a Kings it's a hidden gem for baby shoes! I had no idea! I loved these tiny Toms and may have to go back for them. 
I got these little crochet ones and love them! 

Well, that sums it up! I should have an Easter post coming next week!