Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby Are You Ready Yet?

I know these last couple weeks are important for Baby Boy's lungs to continue to develop and for him to put on some baby fat, but I am SOOOOO ready to meet him!

I'm almost 36 weeks and I think this last month is going to crawl by just waiting to meet him.  I will be busy with packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, and more cleaning, but I just want to hold him in my arms. 

I hope he is not too comfortable in there and wants to meet me 1/2 as much as I want to meet him.  I am not expecting this motherhood thing to be all fine and dandy all the time.  I know he'll cry and poop, but I just don't care :) 

I did the cutest load of laundry though!  After I start packing I am not sure when I will see things again, so I got a few things ready for the hospital and such, including getting his new clothes ready.  To die for!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Waddle Waddle Waddle

This morning starts my real break from work!  Since I finished work last thursday, its been a very busy (but fabulous) week.  This morning I dropped off Bryan at school and went to a park to waddle for a bit.  I walked 3 miles and it felt so good!

I actually felt like I wasn't pregnant!  I was able to walk the park loop for about 45 minutes just quietly  watching the world wake up.  A thunderstorm had just passed and the sky was filled with dark blue and grey clouds with the sun trying to peek through.  The crickets were still chirping and the air smelled so clean and fresh.  I could have stayed out there all day walking and enjoying nature. 

This is the park where we will be hanging out at when we move in 2 weeks!  It is just down the street from our apartment so we can walk there quickly.  It felt really good to "visit" where we will be raising our son for his first year.  There was no freeway in sight, no sound of cars, just peace and tranquility.  It really felt right to be where we are and what our next step is in life. 

Next, we just need baby boy to come!  I am just passed 35 weeks but I'm getting sooo excited to meet baby!  He's kicking like crazy and always letting me know he's there.  I love him so much already, its an amazing feeling for your heart to stretch so big to hold all the love for your family, friends, spouse, and this new little critter.  Maybe i'm like the Grinch that my heart grew ten sizes :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Remeber that game where your hippo tries to eat all the white marbles before the other hippos? 
 I feel EXACTLY like that today! I want to eat everything in sight before its gone!!

I found a few recipes I'm going to try this week that sounds heavenly.  The first is one of those rainy day meals.  Bryan and I used to eat tomato soup and grilled cheese a few times a WEEK in college.  This recipe looks so good!
Baked Panko Mozzarella Balls with Creamy Tomato Soup
Heavenly breaded balls of mozarella cheese in homemade soup.  I'm sold!

Then I'll have to try:
Pinned Image

Yes, I realize both recipes have either half and half of a fair bit of cheese, but isn't that what makes this world go round?  :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last weekend my mom was able to come down for a few days so she could come visit baby and attend my baby shower that a good friend put on!  A few friends from out of town were able to make it too!  It was a perfect day!  Good food, great friends, and a fun relaxing afternoon.  And thanks Denise for taking so many great pictures!

The quilt on the left my mom made and the one on the right I made.  I like them together a lot!
Cute diaper cake from Stephanie

 I felt so spoiled getting to open so many presents.  My mom gave me a temporal (forehead) thermometer, so we passed it around the room and made everyone test it.  It was pretty funny!

 Crystal H. Made me a really cute wall hanging for the nursery.  Since He will be born in the summer i'll do newborn footprints, then every few months do new footprints in each box to see his growth!
 Crystal W. Made Baby a tiny tie and suspenders!  I can't wait to see him in them!
 My mom made me a "boy quilt" for baby.  I love it!  It has puppies, basketballs, and paw prints.. all in orange and brown.  So cute!

 Lane and Mirella gave us a sweet little outfit when they came to visit, but I forgot to bring it home so I got to unwrap it again!
 Denise gave me a super sweet set of washcloths, bibs, and a hooded towel.  Perfect for Alaska!

 Here is the sweet diaper cake from Stephanie!
 And Briana made a diaper cake motorcycle!  How creative!!

 The whole gang!!

It's been a long time since the four of us from middle/high school have been together!  
 So so glad to have these friends here!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Thankful

I'm very thankful for this on mothers day.....

I have been having a mini crisis lately of how big I feel and my emotional roller coasters.  But underneath it all I wouldn't change a thing.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Do You Have a Baby in Your Tummy?

Wednesday evening Bryan and I went on a walk through a neighborhood near our apartments.  The neighborhood is mostly members of our ward.  As we were walking we saw a mom of one of our primary girls.  We teach the 5-6 year old kids and their daughter is a twin in our class.  Her sister is in the other class.  They are very cute girls and she likes to sit on my lap during primary.  Lately she has been wiggling around on my lap trying to lean back and get comfortable.  She turned to me a couple weeks ago and said, "You'r belly is too big.".  Ha.  Tell me about it!

  Well apparently her mom said she is very excited for our baby to come, and thinks everyone is having a baby.  She has been telling people in the ward that her mom is having a baby (which she's not), and asked her two grandmas when they are having babies.  Her mom said she has even asked some 'larger' ladies when they are having babies which made for a very awkward conversation about how she doesn't think they look pregnant and fat, but just that women should have babies!  We got a good laugh that night!

I can't believe that this baby of ours could be coming in a little over a month!  WOW.  I have to much to do, things to purchase and prepare, and just so many questions in my mind.  I am very excited, but its a scary thought too.  I can't wait to meet him and see his face, but I am so nervous that something might be wrong.  There have been no indiciations of that but I just worry way too much.  And I hope he's a good eater and sleeper (especially since we'll be living with Bryan's parents for two months in Alaska when he's a newborn.)  And i'm afraid of time going by too quickly.  It seems that time goes faster and faster now than it ever did, and that scares me.  I want him to stay a baby until i'm good and ready for him to grow up! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wild Wild West

We have missed doing a few things we enjoy while living in the "city" like camping, hiking, bon fires, fishing, and shooting.  We have been able to do some of these things but it takes a lot more preparation and driving then when we were in Idaho.  We went out shooting today following some directions that took us down past Eagle Mountain.  It was almost an hour drive by the time we got there!  But it was nice to get away from the hussle and bussle of the city and get out a ways.

I laughed outloud when I pulled out the gun and realized I had bright pink nail polish on.  First, I'm not a big pink wearer (not that I don' like it, I just don't have much), and second, guns and pink really don't go together :)

Check out that belly!  Wait, no... please don't :)

It was a fun, relaxing afternoon. 

 After grocery shopping we grilled steaks and had mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.  YUM!  And for desert Key Lime Pie.  Here is the recipe:

1 can frozed limeade concentrate thawed
1 can sweetened condensed milk
8 oz cool whip thawed

fold together ingredients and pour into graham cracker crust.  Freeze and serve.  Easy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY T Shirt Scarf

I found a etsy shop where T Shirt Scarves are made and thought I could try making my own.  they are fun for summer when you need an accessory but its too hot for a real scarf.  Here is my first attempt.  I bought a Men's Large shirt at Joanns and used my 50% off coupon so it was only two dollars!

*If you make this, pre-wash your shirt.  I ended up with tons of little shirt lint pieces.  oops!*

Cut 1" strips across the shirt, which will make about 15-17 strips.  I cut off the hem and discarded that piece.

Once they're cut, give them a little stretch to make them curl.

I did a braid along the back, then used the rest as the loops in the front.  I really like it!

It only took a hour, and I didn't even touch my sewing machine, which is nice sometimes :) Can't wait to wear it!

I am Huge

I feel like a whale.  Seriously.  Not a pretty, graceful killer whale like the ones I see in Alaska.  No, I am a humpback whale with the barnacles growing on their back. 

Exhibit A:

When you look at this picture you may think, "oh She looks like she's about to pop!"  Or "wow, I bet she'll have that baby soon."

Wrong on both accounts.  I am only 32 weeks!  I have nearly two months left to carry around this baby working the whale look.  Oh