Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Emma is 9 Months Old!

Emma, at 9 months old you:
~ make the BEST scrunchy nose faces (see picture below!)
~ nurse more often now than you did last month! Back up to every 3 hours.  Sheesh.  I'm basically a dairy cow
~ like baby oatmeal and dry cereal, but not a lot of other people food
~ sleep...no you don't.  You don't nap well or sleep well.  Yea, you just suck at that sleeping thing
~ are so so happy and smiley
~ LOVE to play with Eli.  All day, every day
~ crawl everywhere and love to be chased
~ can stand on your own
~ would rather crumple and nibble on books than sit and read them
~ loooove the pacifier and your soft fuzzy blankie.  They are a must for any cuddles or naps
~ are a happy camper when you can go on a walk everyday
~ wave bye when its time to go to bed.  It melts my heart every night
~ chat and babble all the time
~ are the best little sister and daughter we could imagine!

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