Monday, April 11, 2016

Five Fact Friday

(I've been trying to post this since Friday but it wouldn't upload. So hopefully it'll be a really late Friday on Monday ) 

1. This weekend we enjoyed watching general conference. Eli really listened and picked up on words they were saying. While he doesn't understand much yet I at least want him to understand who our prophet is, and think about the feeling we have in our home while watching the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord. 

2.we enjoyed a couple days of beautiful weather and got working outside. We seeded some areas of the yard that were bare and sparse and Bryan built Eli a dirt/digging box. 

Eli was also a good big brother and tested Emma's new swing out for her :)

3. Baby shoes!!!! Cutest 5$ ever spent. The end :)
4. After a month of trying bites of people food and some baby food, Emma is getting the hang of it! She doesn't love the sweet baby food but she is getting better! 

5. Today we are attending the sealing and marriage for Bryan's cousin. Eli and Emma will be staying with an aunt and uncle for a couple hours. We had dinner with them last night and Eli was loving feeding their chickens! 

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